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Driven by Success

Whether it's onshore, offshore, or marine vessels, MENA Petroleum's next-generation technologies provide high added-value for our clients, while minimizing production losses and excessive downtimes due to utilizing  inefficient, traditional/manual methods.  At MENA Petroleum, we work faster, smarter, cheaper and more environmentally responsibly.


By working smarter via automation, overall schedules are reduced by 70-80%, translating to Direct & Indirect cost savings!

95%+ cost reductions

Utilization of automation eliminates foreign/imported labor dependency, reduces materials and equipment costs thereby accomplishing more for less.

100% oil waste conversion

Conversion and elimination  of waste streams transforms expenses into profits, eliminates disposal fees and keeps waste out of the environment.  


Automation substantially reduces LTA's, thereby greatly positively impacting indirect costs.  Lower incidents = Lower insurance costs and higher worker safety!


By eliminating hazardous waste streams, waste handling, transport,  fuel use, dump site fees, air and land pollution are a thing of the past!

Our Business Units

Using Automation to Create Added Value

At MENA Petroleum, we provide next generation technologies and services capable of taking your organization to the next level.  We focus on providing disruptive technologies that positively affect organization's bottom lines.  Please review our service offerings below and feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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Tank Crawling.jpg

Automated Tank Cleaning (ATC)

Our 100% closed-loop, automated tank /vessel cleaning technology is truly a game-changer in the tank maintenance industry.  We are able to clean any tank, anywhere, anytime 70-80% faster, 20-30% cheaper and with ZERO environmental or HSE impacts.

Automated Oil
Recovery (AOR)

Our 100% closed-loop automated oil/water/solids sep-aration technology is able to extract 98-99% of original spec oil from within all oily waste streams -- and can do so during tank cleanings, as well as at site sludge pits, ponds, lakes, drums, waste disposal sites and in doing so turn what was once a costly environmental expense into pure profit.

Automated Surface Preparation (ASP)

Our robotic surface blasting system works horizontally or vertically, creates a blast profile on all surfaces, 17X faster than manual blasting and dramatically eliminates the cost of expensive mineral grit and waste disposal costs.  

Automated Painting & Coating (APC)

Our automated painting technology is capable of dramatically reducing project schedules and paint project costs by utilizing robotic technology to apply paints and coatings much more efficiently and consistently vs. manually applied. 

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