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Automated Drilling Sand Removal

Environmentally friendly, safe, and cost-effective sand removal during the completions process. During drill out and flowback operations, operators can flow directly into our unit, which separates oil and water in order to efficiently remove processed sand. The first technology of its kind, it has paved the way for green completions in the oil and gas industry worldwide.

In addition to separating sand from flowback returns, our technology enables operators to recirculate drilling fluids from the unit, which saves disposal, clean out, and chemical costs. By reducing the need for multiple frac tanks, also saves well site pad space.

Our newest system design includes a double auger, which eliminates downtime and increases flowback volume processed, even during frac screen outs.


For wells producing gas during drill out, operators use our equipment to separate gas from flowback and send it to a low pressure flare prior to entering our unit.  

We also provide training and course certification product specialists to equip customers for success, ensuring optimal operation and eliminating the risk of downtime.

Reduces economic impact of sand disposal

Reduces economic impact of sand disposal

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