Automated NORM Remediation

Elimination of Radioactive Contamination

MENA Petroleum provides next-generation Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) remediation technology for our customers that is the most advanced and disruptive in the industry. We possess the depth, knowledge and ability to provide radiological services pertaining to health, safety and the environment. Our services cover both “Special Form” (man-made) and, more importantly within the oil & gas industry, a deep understanding of NORM. 

MENA Petroleum possesses the Methodologies, Intellectual Properties, Copyrights, Provision of NORM Services, NORM Safety Manuals, NORM COR Manuals, Drawings of NORMinator Equipment, Operations of NORM and Environmental Equipment, proprietary Methods of NORM and Environmental Soil Remediation, Storage Techniques for NORM Contaminated materials and waste streams, proprietary Emulsion Materials and NORM Micelle Encapsulation chemicals and solutions that stabilize NORM molecules.  Our specialized services include;

  • Radiation Safety Training (Special Form & NORM)

  • Radioactive Waste Handling & Disposal

  • Field/Facility Radiation Auditing & Consulting

  • 3rd Party Inspection Audits and Reporting

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response for Radioactive Spills (Hospitals/ Shipping/Lost Source etc.)

  • Specialized Oil & Gas Services (On/Offshore)

Let us know how we can help drive savings to your organization's bottom line, while greatly reducing your NORM waste today!