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Automated Surface Preparation/Blasting

Reduce Labor Costs by 50% + Eliminate Foreign Labor Dependency + Provide Local Jobs = Win, Win, Win

By replacing inefficient, foreign labor dependent manual blasting with state-of-the-art robotic, dust-free blasting (1-man + a remote control), avg. removal rates of 75 m2/hr. per man are achievable on any horizontal, vertical or pipe surface.  By comparison, a 3-man blast crew is only capable of 5 m2/hr. (1.6 m2/hr per man).  By eliminating foreign labor dependency, local citizens are provided with high-tech employment opportunities, while reducing overall labor costs by 50% or more.   

Material Costs Reduced by 95%, Waste Disposal Costs Reduced by 95%, HazMat Dumping Reduced = Win, Win, Win

The high cost and transport of expensive, single-use garnet, Black Beauty or copper slag is eliminated and instead, recyclable steel grit/shot media is used (1% by volume vs. mineral grit), thereby virtually eliminating single-use mineral grit costs, as well as hazardous waste stream disposal costs.   

Emissions Eliminated + Longer Coating Life + Shorter Schedules = Win, Win, Win

State-of-the-art, dust-free, robotic surface removal systems provide a more consistent, high-quality surface for coatings to adhere to, thereby extending coating life.  As surfaces are blasted, vacuuming occurs at the same time, thereby eliminating emissions due to dust/flying grit.  By achieving more with less resources, project schedules are reduced by an average of 50%.

Scaffolding Costs Eliminated = HUGE WIN!

And last, but not least ... one of the highest costs (and schedule extenders) on any vertical blast/paint project (tanks, walls, towers, etc.) is scaffolding.  By utilizing systems capable of vertical blasting without the need for scaffolding, schedules are reduced, transport of numerous trailers of scaffolding sections and manpower are eliminated, as are install and dismantle labor costs.  Indirect Costs (insurance claims, loss time accidents due to injuries, etc.) are also eliminated.

UHP Key Features.jpg
Low Cost, High Up-time, High Production

Unlike expensive UHP systems, our systems cost 80% less, are 60% less costly to operate, do not require expensive/sometimes unavailable filtered water, and are able to create a blast provide on new or old surfaces.  UHP removes old coatings down to the previously created blast profile, therefore they are unsuitable for greenfield projects.  Our robotic blasting head attaches to any horizontal, vertical, or pipe surface by vacuum, creating a 100% closed  loop system that eliminates all dust and debris ejected into the air.  The system blasts any surface at an average of 75 m2/hour and removes all rust, dust, grease, chlorides/salts and other invisible impurities.  Check out our equipment in action below!

Vertical (Tank) Blasting

Horizontal Blasting

Pipe Blasting




  • Reduce Labor Costs - 70%+

  • Reduce Material Costs - 90%+

  • Reduce Equip Costs - 20%+

  • Reduce Disposal Costs - 90%+

  • Eliminate Scaffolding Costs  (rental, mob/demob/erect)

  • Reduce Indirect Costs - 50%+

  • Reduce Dependency on Foreign Labor - 80%+

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project schedule reductions

  • Reduce Schedule - 50%+

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worker hazard reductions

  • NO Toxic Dust Inhaled

  • NO Manual Blasting LTA's

  • NO Scaffolding LTA's

  • Less Workers = Less LTA's

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environmental impact reductions

  • NO Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • NO Toxic Dust Emissions

  • Reduce Disposal Costs - 90%+

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