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Automated Painting & Coating

By utilizing sky-climbers as well as MCU Coatings' moisture-cure, nanotech, low DFT, high surface tolerant, next-generation technology, paint projects can be completed faster ... smarter ... and cheaper!  Blasting & Painting are executed simultaneously, 24/7 (no work stoppages due to 85%+ humidity levels, or moisture on surfaces), thin film, 2-coat systems can be completed in 2-4 hrs. max (vs. 3-4 days with epoxies), and warranties provided are 2X-4X or more.  In all, projects are completed 50-75% faster than traditional, manual methods using antiquated, standard epoxy systems.  Get in touch with us today to learn how we can drive painting and coating savings to your organization's bottom line!

50-75% Labor Cost Savings

- 50% less Blast Profile required

Automated blasting vs. manual

- No hardener mixing or induction time

- 2 coats in 1 day vs. 3 coats in 4 days

- Blast & Paint at the same time

- Elimination of re-blast due to flash rust

- Eliminate Scaffolding Install/Dismantle

30-50% Equipment Cost Savings

- 50% Schedule Reduction

- No Blast Pots required

- No Compressors required

- No Generators required (plant power)

- Less Equipment = Less Fuel

100% Scaffolding Cost Savings

- Elimination of Rental Costs

- Elimination of Trailer/Transport Costs

- Elimination of Mob/Demob Costs

- Elimination of Install/Dismantle Costs

- Elimination of LTA's/Insurance Claims


40%-60% Material Cost Savings

- 20-30% lower DFT's

- 2 coats vs. 3 coats

- 50-90% less blast media

- 50% Less Waste (grit & paint)

40-60% Schedule Savings

- Zero or Reduced Blasting

- Less Paint Volume/Coats Applied

- Blast & Paint at the same time

- 24/7 Blast & Paint (no dew point issues)

- No humidity work stoppages (RH>85%)

- No scaffolding on vertical projects

90-95% Waste Stream Savings

- No emissions (dust-free)

- Recyclable media vs. single-use grit

- 50%+ Paint waste reduction

- Dump site fee reductions

What Our Clients Say

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